Laptop Virus Removals by the Experts

Here at Innovative IT, we’re able to offer comprehensive computer and laptop virus removal so that your equipment is free from malicious software. With our same-day service, we’re able to provide a rapid turnaround on your machine and offer a 90-day guarantee on the work we do. What’s more, if you can’t get to us, you are able to post your laptop to us and we’ll repair then return it back to you.

Our Process

At Innovative IT, we manually edit the registry and check each individual file to see which are infected by the virus. In some cases, we’re able to clean the registry and return the computer to full working order. In worst case scenarios, we’ll back up your data, remove the virus, and fully reset the data on your laptop. This way, even though we’ve restored the machine, you won’t lose any data at all.

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