Qualified Experts in Server Repairs

Overwhelmed by the idea of having your server repaired? As there is the potential for many causes for the issue, diagnosis of the problem is on occasion very difficult. However, the tech support team at Innovative IT is able to provide in-depth repairs and services with ease.

A Variety of Options

Within our standard repair services, we’re able to carry out:

A Variety of Options

  • Backup Services

  • Firewall Repairs

  • DEFCON Management Repairs

  • Hard Drive Repairs

  • Repairs of Licensed Software

  • Control Panel Add-ons

Upgrades and Installations

Here at Innovative IT, we don’t just do server repairs, we’re able to offer specialist upgrades of software, hardware, and RAM. If you’re looking to move from an older SQL server (SQL server 6.5, 7.9, or 2000) or another platform, we’re able to assist you. Our systematic approach not only reduces the risk but enhances the functionality of your system.

Laptop Repairs

As well as our server repairs, our team are experts in the repair of laptops. Our services include:

Laptop Repairs

  • Software Installation

  • Solving of Network Problems

  • Data Recovery

  • Battery Repairs

  • Hardware Installations

  • Password Recovery

Benefit from Our Experience

Whether you’re an individual or a large corporate business, our knowledge and expertise provide us with the solutions to all minor and major server problems. With our friendly and professional approach, our rapid, on-site repairs, and coverage of a wide range of branded servers, you won’t find a better service.

Get in touch with our tech support for further details on our server repair services.

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